Industry Associations


Industry Associations need to provide services that add value to their members. Among various services, many associations provide detailed industry data and benchmarking tools to their members.

With our FINTEL Industry Metrics reports (FIM) or our interactive FINTEL Business Analyzer tool, managers and officers of industry associations will be able to achieve their goals.

  • Collect industry specific indicators from your members or have them collected by FINTEL to protect members' data and keep it confidential
  • Enable members to compare themselves to other members (aggregated), other firms in the industry (non-members) or other industries that are represented in the Fintel filled database on financial key performance indicators
  • Allow members to compare their business against reliable benchmarks from privately held companies of over 2,500 industry groups that are not available anywhere else and that will demonstrate the current performance of their business
  • Provide members with financial benchmarks that they can use with bankers to demonstrate the credit worthiness of their business
  • Provide members with a tool that helps them define strategies for their company backed by financial and industry analysis from their own specific industry
  • Give members a tool that provides actionable recommendations that have been derived from years of experience and proven successful in many similar cases based on the financial analysis of their business
Products & Features

FINTEL's products are ideal for evaluating the financial performance of a business and recommending options for improvement.

Select a particular product to view more detailed information.

  • FINTEL Industry Metrics reports (FIM)
    • Industry financial intelligence covering over 2,500 industry groups and 900,000 privately held businesses
    • Industry size breakdown into small, medium-sized and large segments specific to each industry, rather than using fixed size thresholds
    • 17 commonly used key financial ratios for each industry
    • MORE…
  • FINTEL Business Scorecard (FBS)
    • Concise and easy to understand snapshot of financial health of a business
    • Industry financial benchmarks comparable to the business under analysis (9 ratios)
    • Practical suggestions for improving financial performance
    • MORE…
    • FINTEL Business Analyzer (FBA) Pro and Business Analyzer Enterprise
    • Easy to understand insights about the financial performance of a business. Analysis of:
      • Revenues, gross margin and operating expenses
      • Earnings power and profitability
      • Cash liquidity position and working capital
      • Ability to grow
      • Fair market value
      • Ability to meet loan payment obligations
    • Comprehensive industry financial benchmarks comparable to the business under analysis
    • Practical suggestions for improving financial performance
    • MORE…

FINTEL also provides different training options for managers and members of industry associations deploying FINTEL products with steep learning curves to enable them to use our tools quickly and efficiently in their businesses.

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