Business Scorecard


The FINTEL Business Scorecard is designed to provide you with an easy to understand, quick and insightful snapshot of selected factors of your company's performance in comparison with your industry peers and competitors. Each performance indicator represents an important aspect of financial management including liquidity, profitability, efficiency and growth.

To use this Scorecard, you do not need to be an accounting or finance expert. Just enter nine accounts from your financial statements and your performance scorecard will appear instantly.

  • Get a quick snapshot of your or another company's financial performance
  • Discover strengths and weaknesses of a company that are reflected in financial figures
  • See how the company does on major financial indicators compared to industry peers/competitors based on our reliable benchmarking data
  • Obtain valuable practical ideas on what activities would improve certain key financial aspects such as profitability and liquidity
  • Receive results presented in a very professional manner without additional effort

Choose from the selection to learn more about the benefits of FINTEL's products pertaining to a particular customer group:

  • All financial data entered is strictly confidential and will not be used by FINTEL nor be shared with any other party. It is also not being used for our benchmarking database.
  • Requires input of nine accounts from a company's financial statements
  • Calculates and displays nine key financial ratios (free version 3 ratios) based on the information entered
  • Shows industry financial benchmarks comparable to the business under analysis out of a selection of over 2,500 industry segments
  • Graphically depicts the relative position of the company within the industry range of each of the performance indicators
  • Presents an overall score for company's financial performance based on all of the performance indicators (even if the individual figures are not displayed in the free version)
  • Suggests practical recommendations for improving financial performance based on the results of the analysis
"This will become part of our business plan, it just saved me weeks of work!"
Rick Haig (Business Owner)
"I paid my accountant $2,500 for similar information that was junk compared to this."
Steve Springer (Business Owner)
"I use the scorecard to get my foot in the door with new clients. I can show them where they are at in 10 minutes. And it always gets us talking about the first things needed for improvement."
Daniel Lemon (Management Consultant)
"I am not a numbers guy but when my banker came with the scorecard and pointed to the financial difficulties and what I needed to do to improve, I followed his advice and today I have a profitable business and a much better life."
Michael Kovac (Business Owner)

"The results of the scorecard made me think about my business and how I can make more money with it."

Francis Coon (Business Owner)
"I read about the scorecard and wanted to try it. It really showed me where the pain points are in my business. Since then, I have fixed those with some outside help."
Sara Rutman (Business Owner)
"I was wondering how other companies do in our business and never could get any information. Then, a business partner suggested FINTEL and I tried it. It was very easy to use and I've got some great ideas in what I to do to be among the best in our field."
Eric Jenkins (Business Owner)
"The power of FINTEL is the unique database that lets me see how I stack up against the competition."
John Newman (Business owner)
"I am not really an expert in finance and have never used these types of tools before but with FINTEL I found one that I can understand and that even shows me how I get better and improve my business."
Keith Stover (Business Owner)

"Benchmarking helps you compare your business to other businesses that are similar to yours and can highlight areas where you excel or need improvement. The business information specialists at the James J. Hill Reference Library in St. Paul, Minnesota, one of the nation's most comprehensive business libraries, have named the five sites below (including the FINTEL Business Scorecard) as the best online resources for benchmarking your business. To find more free business research tools, visit"

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How old is the data being used?
The data within our products is aggregated based on the financial statements collected over the past year. If you are looking for older data, please contact us directly.
How often is the data being updated?
Datasets are updated annually.
Can I obtain data from prior years?
Yes, industry data is available for past years. Please contact us with specific interests.
Can I obtain information for a specific company or companies in the sample?
No, this type of data is not available in accordance with the proprietary nature of the data set.
How can I learn about the calculation and meaning of the ratios presented in Business Scorecard?
We offer three ways to obtain this information: 1) by clicking on the name of the ratio of your interest when viewing the ratio tab of the FIM report, 2) by reviewing the help section of the Online Library in the Business Analyzer application (login required) and 3) by reviewing the Glossary section of the support website.
I think that my company belongs to a more specialized group than presented by your most specific industry aggregation level (either 4-digit SIC or 6-digit NAICS). Can I obtain the information pertaining to my group?
While both 4-digit SIC and 6-digit NAICS codes are the most specific groups within their respective industry classification systems, our database allows for more specific segmentation analysis in some cases. If you are interested in us performing such an analysis, please contact us.
Do you use the information entered by your customers in calculating benchmarks?
No, unless it is specifically requested by Enterprise level customers, the user input is not used by us for any purpose, including to construct the benchmarking datasets. We believe that not only does this type of use raise confidentiality concerns but it also tends to reduce the reliability of the resulting datasets.
How can I save the reports on my computer?
The best way to save reports in electronic format is to save them as pdf printouts. To do so, you need to have either Adobe Acrobat or one of the free pdf generating plug-ins such as PrimoPDF ( installed on your system.

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